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REAL FRENCH tout de suite LEVEL II = done!
We’ve taken a little break from blogging, but we haven’t taken a break from REAL LANGUAGE right away. As you may have gathered from our facebook and twitter posts, Denise and I have been working very hard to complete REAL FRENCH tout de suite Level II. And now we can return to our blog and announce with enthusiasm that the Student Activity Book, Teacher’s Guide, Partner Conversations, Audio CD, and eBook are now complete and in our hands! They will be available on our website in the coming weeks!

The process of writing Level II has been very rewarding. It included moments of great joy, laughter, and fun, but there were also moments that required perseverance as we figured out how to structure the curriculum for this new level. We pushed through, and we are delighted with the result. Level II truly is a new and different; it integrates grammar, writing, listening comprehension, and varied activities to get students speaking!

We have had the pleasure of using this new curriculum with our middle school students since September. We are very happy with how balanced the approach feels and how the entertaining real-life conversations motivate the students to speak French! We hope you will enjoy looking at the sample conversation on this post—feel free to print it out and use it with your students!