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REAL SPANISH ahora mismo Level II has gone to press!

REAL SPANISH ahora mismo Level II is now complete! We hope to have it printed and on our website by early August! For now, we wanted to give you a little sneak preview of our Partner Conversations book, our Student Activity Book, our Teacher's guide, our Audio CD, and our eBook.

First, the Partner Conversations is the foundation of our approach. Level II builds on the vocabulary and structures from Level I, and at the higher level, the conversations are more situational and humorous. These conversational activities allow students to communicate using a large variety of structures, vocabulary, and expressions from everyday language. The visual cues and English translations ensure comprehension, and students find it rewarding to be able to speak right away. Each conversation provides choices so it is never static and can be repeated numerous times.

The Partner Conversations are embedded in the Student Activity Book, so each student has a copy for their reference. After each Conversation, a variety of activities that reinforce the written and oral language are provided. Activities include writing, grammar exercises, listening comprehension, vocabulary exercises, and speaking practice.

The Teacher's Guide offers evaluations, rubrics, and supplemental activities. Grammar, listening comprehension, vocabulary, and speaking evaluations are included. This book is reproducible.

REAL SPANISH ahora mismo Level II also includes an Audio CD. Recordings of native speakers allow students to imitate authentic language as they listen.

The Partner Conversations eBook is an essential resource for teachers who are able to project in their classrooms. The electronic PDF allows the instructor to teach directly from the conversation on the screen. Many teachers enjoy using this resource with their Smartboards.