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Free Halloween Conversations and Supplemental Activities!
Can you believe it’s already October?  Last year, we posted some free Halloween Conversations.  This year, we thought we would step it up a notch and give you some supplemental activities to go along with those conversations that will allow your students to move into a sense of ownership of the language.  While these activities and conversations are not published in our Real Language right away programs, they follow a similar format, and they will give you an idea of how the curriculum works.

So, first, the Halloween Partner Conversations, in French and Spanish.  (The links to all of the documents are at the end of this post!)  Model the conversation for your students and then have them practice it with their partners.  Remember to have them switch partners often, and give them rewards (high fives, stickers, etc.) for practicing well and even memorizing the conversation.  Remember, you can bring in your own vocabulary—perhaps your students are afraid of dogs, of homework, of their little sister—be creative in the way you present the language & encourage your students to be creative, too!

Next, the Halloween mixer.  Copy this page enough times so that you have one card per student.  Give each student a card, and encourage them to mill around the classroom and have the conversation again, using the response given to them on the card.  Have them switch cards and practice different vocabulary.  They will move toward spontaneous production of the language!

After you do the mixer, you can give your students the Crossword Puzzle to help them reinforce the vocabulary!

Finally, give your students the fun drawing and writing activity.  They will draw the things that they are afraid of and not afraid of, and then they will write a short paragraph about it.  Put them up around your classroom or school to show off your students’ work!

Here are the links to all of the documents-- Enjoy!!

Remember, if you would like to have access to similar activities, you can purchase our curriculum at