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Free Winter Activities from RLRA!
Happy Holidays from Real Language right away!

Three years ago, we offered you these free conversations to get your students talking before winter break.  This year, we decided to build on those and create some nice supplemental activities to go with the conversations.  We hope you will enjoy using them with your students!

Here are the links to the activities:
For the Spanish Conversation, click here and for Spanish Supplemental Activities, click here.
For the French Conversation, click here and for French Supplemental Activities, click here.

Here are some ideas for how to use the materials:
To begin, distribute the Winter Activities Partner Conversation to your students.  If you have a Smartboard or LCD projector, be sure to put it on the screen as well.  Model the conversation for your students and then have them practice it with their partners.  Remember to have them switch partners often, and give them rewards (high fives, stickers, etc.) for practicing well and even memorizing the conversation.  You may want to ask them to practice it a certain number of times.  Remember, you can bring in your own vocabulary—let the students brainstorm other things they like to do in the winter, and write other options on the board!

Next, do the Winter Activities “Find your Friend” mixer.  Copy this page enough times so that you have one card per student.  Give each student a card, and encourage them to mill around the classroom and have the conversation again, using the response given to them on the card.  Explain to students that when they find the person with the same card, they can sit down; they always enjoy being the first to find their match!  This is a great way to help students find new partners and keep mixing things up.

After the “Find your friend” activity, give your students the drawing and writing activity.  They will draw the activities that they want to do in winter and some that they do not want to do (you may want to give them some other ideas for this!) and then they will write a short paragraph describing their pictures.  Send this activity home with students so their parents can see what they are doing in French or Spanish class!

Once the students are very comfortable with the vocabulary, you can give them the simple matching quiz.  After so much practice, each student is likely to be very successful.  Put a fun stamp or sticker on their quiz if they do well; they will feel so good seeing the A+ on their paper! 

Bonnes fêtes !
¡Feliz Navidad! ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!
Elizabeth and Denise