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Supplemental Activities available on TpT!
Many of the teachers who use our resources have asked us to let them know when we create more materials!  Well, we're happy to say that we have begun to create some new materials!

Denise and I have wanted to start creating some new resources-- supplemental resources that follow our Partner Conversation model-- for quite some time now.  Eventually, we would like to recreate our website so that certain products (including these new supplemental activities!) would be available for electronic download.

We're not there yet, but in the meantime, we've decided to offer some activities on  We are envisioning a few types of activities.  First, some simple communicative activities geared toward secondary students with supporting oral and written activities, as well as evaluations.  These would be inline with the Level I materials from REAL LANGUAGE right away.  Second, we would like to offer some more complex Partner Conversations that are situational (much like some of the conversations from RLRA Level II) with supporting activities.  Third, we are planning to set up some Partner Conversations with explicitly grammatical goals, especially conversations that demonstrate the use of particular verb tenses.

Here are the lessons that are available so far : 

Spanish Lessons
En el invierno (Free!)
Mucho gusto
Todos los días
Halloween (Free!)

French Lessons
En hiver (Free!)
Halloween (Free!)
Est-ce que...? (ER verb conjugation)
Je voudrais
Tous les jours
Quand j'étais petit(e)... (Imperfect tense practice)

We are just getting started, and we would love to have some feedback on the lessons we are creating!