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Grammar in Context!


While most of our main curriculum is based on communicative function with a little grammar "on the side," we are working to develop more stand-alone lessons with grammar objectives that we will put on our TpT store.  Teaching or reviewing grammar with a meaningful context is just more meaningful!  Students are able to use the grammar function to communicate effectively, which is fun and rewarding.  Here are some links to our grammar-based lessons on TpT-- enjoy!


French present tense activities:

French Partner Conversation : Est-ce que...? (-ER verb conjugation)

French Passé composé study:

French Partner Conversation : Henri a des problèmes (passé composé with regular verbs)

French Partner Conversation : Les devoirs (passé composé with irregular past participles)

French Partner Conversation : De bonnes vacances (passé compose with être)

French Partner Conversation: Le week-end- passé composé with être and avoir

French Partner Conversation : Hier (passé composé with avoir, être and reflexives)

Passé composé unit bundle: grammar in context 


Imperfect lessons for French and Spanish:

Spanish Partner Conversation: Cuando era niño (Practice the imperfecto)

French Partner Conversation: Quand j'étais petit(e)...(Practice the imparfait) 


Stay tuned-- we will be writing more of these!  Feel free to let us know what lessons you would like to see us develop! :)