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More New Lessons for Early Elementary in French


We are so excited about our new lessons for early elementary.  Yesterday, Denise and I sat down and planned 20 new lessons which will be grouped into 4 bundles.  This means that when we are done, we will have a 1-2 year long curriculum (depending on how often you see your students) in one Mega-Bundle!


Today, we finished up Bundle #2 for French.  (Spanish Bundle #2 is next on our list!)  The theme is "A l'école" and I created a rhythmic chant for each lesson.  The video is included in the product file for you to download to your computer.  Each lesson also includes a pared-down partner conversation, vocabulary cards with and without text, 20 different bingo cards, written activities, and flash cards.


Below you will find links to each lesson along with its rhythmic chant.