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New Products for Distance Learning


It's that time again-- the new school year is beckoning, but for many reasons, this one is different from all the rest.  We have a tough job ahead of us, whatever type of learning our schools will offer our students.


Denise and I wanted to create user-friendly resource during this time so that students could look at the partner conversations and listen to the audio at the same time.  After researching possibilities, we decided to provide a web-published Google Slide presentation to go along with our existing Real Language right away programs in French, Spanish and Mandarin.  (It is a hybrid of our existing eBook and Audio.). This is a great resource for students who need extra practice with pronunciation, and it is a wonderful way to be able to model pronunciation should students be learning from home.  It is available at our TpT store, and we are offering it for free to schools who purchase class sets of our Student Activity Books or an Annual PDF License.


Teachers who have this resource will be able to share a link with students that will take them to the Google Slide presentation.  The Table of Contents is linked so students will be able to navigate easily to the conversation they are working on, and click directly on the audio icon in the bottom left while they look at the conversation.


Here is a video preview of one of our new eBook + Audio for Distance Learning resources:



Click below to view these products on TpT: