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Early Elementary Mega-Bundles in French and Spanish



We have been developing a special set of lessons for early elementary (k-3) all year long, and we just completed them in the beginning of this period of quarantine.  They were SO fun to use while we were with our students in the classroom, and thankfully they have been great for e-Learning as well.  Each lesson follows the same general format, and students get into a nice routine of practicing the language with their teacher and with one another!


Each Mega-Bundle is a set of 30 lessons, designed be the foundation of a communicative FLES curriculum.  It can be a great addition to an immersion classroom, too.  The goal of each lesson is to provide lots of varied practice time, allowing the students to master and really *own* the vocabulary and structures.


Each lesson includes: 

- Guides to vocabulary building and structure practice with game suggestions

- A colorful, pared-down partner conversation containing a question and an answer, perfect for young beginners

- Vocabulary cards with and without text

- 20 bingo cards

- Written activities

- Flashcards

- Quizlets for practice at home

- Audio on a fun youtube video


Bonus documents in the Mega-Bundles include: 

- Table of contents with lessons in a suggested order (click here for French and here for Spanish)

- A PDF of all of the conversations – print out conversation books to keep in your classroom!


Feel free to try out these lessons by downloading this free one!



Here is an example of me using one of the lessons with my class:


Here is a video explaining the various elements of each lesson: