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Distance Learning Activities for Novice Mid/High in French and Spanish

Distance Learning Activities for Novice Mid/High in French and Spanish

Le confinement, ce n'est pas facile!


We are all adjusting and learning to cope with our new set of limitations, but there have also been many encouraging examples of people helping one another and making the most of their time at home.  We decided to make the theme of our e-Learning for grades 3/4 and 7/8 "A la maison" or #restezchezvous.  We came up with a partner conversation lesson that can be done from a distance that allows students to reflect on activities that they can and cannot do during quarantine.  Click on the images below to check out these lessons:




For our older students, we extended this theme with some other activities using authentic resources.  


First, we had them complete edpuzzles with the videos below.  They are all recent and uplifting songs that are written about the time of COVID in France.





Secondly, we had them write a letter to an isolated person in France using the form on this website:


Finally, we gave them a couple of videos about how to make baguettes at home and a recipe to follow, and we asked them to try it for themselves.  Apparently, this has become very popular in France as people are unable to go the boulangerie.



Recette (Pour 4 baguettes)

500 g de farine (4 cups)

1 c.c de levure sèche (1 packet yeast)

1 c.c de sel (1 teaspoon)

2 c.s d'huile d'olive (2 tablespoons)

300 ml d'eau tiède (warm) (1 and ¼ cup)


230 degrés celsius = 450 degrees F

20-25 minutes


We thought these activities would bring some joy to our students, and we are trying to point them to hands-on activities as much as we can.  It was also a great excuse for me to test the recipe-- my family enjoyed it very much! :)


PS This video was the result of my own family's boredom during a rainy Saturday-- enjoy!