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Distance learning for Elementary French and Spanish

Distance learning for Elementary French and Spanish


Hello Everyone!  We are just emerging from the fog as we acclimate to distance learning.  We hope this finds you well and healthy-- what a challenging time we are facing!  In this post, we will point you to a number of e-learning approaches and resources we are taking with our younger students (k-3rd).


To do our part, we wanted to offer a FREE lesson that you can have your elementary students do from a distance.





Here is a sample letter that we sent to parents this week:


Dear Parents,


I hope that week one of e-Learning went well.  It was fun to receive photos and videos of students practicing French—merci mille fois!  One video reminded me that you can video chat a friend in the class to practice with—that would also be a great way to help the students feel connected.


The conversation for this week is called "¿Qué ves en el zoológico?" / "Qu'est-ce que tu vois au zoo ?"


Here are some activities the students can do:

  • Listen to the (Spanish) chant / the (French) chant multiple times and sing along! 
  • Using the vocabulary cards, practice the vocabulary.  See if your child can name all of the items, and when he or she is comfortable, have him/her teach the vocabulary to a family member.
  • They can play bingo using the cards and the bingo cards.
  • They can also use this Spanish quizlet / French quizlet to practice
  • Have them practice the conversation using the cards.  They can put the cards face down and select one each time they practice the conversation.  They can practice with a stuffed animal or with a family member, or video chat a friend in the class.
  • Once they are very comfortable with the language in the conversation, they can complete the written activities.


Things to print for your child: (For this, we simply deleted the pages from the pdf that weren't needed for the student/parents and sent it in an email)

-       A copy of the conversation

-       One set of vocabulary cards

-       Bingo cards

-       Written activities


If you can, please email me a photo or video of your child practicing their French/Spanish.


Have a great week!

Mme Roberts


During this time of isolation, we are happy for you to share pages of our resources with students and their families as long as you are not posting them in public spot!  We now have 30 lessons like this one available in a Mega-Bundle which is designed to be the foundation of a communicative FLES program.




We have also created quizlets to go with each lesson, which provides another way for students to practice the vocabulary.  I suggest having the younger ones do the "match" and "learn" activities.  Encourage them to have the audio on!


To access the quizlets, you will find a link under each of the rhythmic chants on youtube that go along with the TpT lessons.  Below you will find links to the playlists for French and Spanish, as well as documents that link you directly to the quizlets.


Early Elementary Chants for French


Early Elementary Chants for Spanish





Keep in mind that even if you don't purchase the resources, students can access the chants and the quizlets for free, and that will provide them with some good e-Learning practice!


I have also just started posting 5-minute "Leçons virtuelles" for my younger students that simulate some of our classroom routines.  You can view an example here:




Hang in there!  I hope that we can all provide a little enjoyment and "normalcy" as we reach out to our students from a distance.  Be well, everyone!