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New Lessons for Early Elementary



We are so excited about these new, pared-down Partner Conversation lessons for early elementary.  We have been using them in our classes in the last 6 weeks, and they have been such a hit with our little learners! :)



The main goal in our teaching has always been giving students practice time in the target language.  In order to maximize student practice time, we do our best to have the students practicing with one another as much as possible.  It is relatively easy to train a 5th or 6th grader to practice a partner conversation with a classmate, but it is a little more difficult to do this with the younger students, especially if you are committed to keeping your class completely in the target language.


A couple of lightbulbs went off for us earlier this school year, and that was the impetus for creating some new lessons.  (We have been using these new lessons with Kindergarten, but they are appropriate for beginning language students in grades K-3.)  It has always been a challenge to get Kindergarteners to partner up and practice well together, and training them to do that was our goal.  Here are the some of the lightbulbs that went off for me and Denise:


Routines!  Young learners thrive when class structure is somewhat predictable and activities are repeated.  All of these new lessons have the same format, so once the students have experienced the elements of the first lesson, they know what to expect when you continue with subsequent lessons.


Simple conversations:  In these lessons, we have pared down the conversations to a simple question and answer.  The language is extremely focused, which is perfect for young beginners.


Cards: At the beginning of this year, we stocked up on cardstock.  It occurred to us that giving the students a set of cards to use alongside the conversation would help them practice ALL of the vocabulary and give the practice time a game-like feel.  They set the deck face-down, and pick a card to find their response to the question.  They love manipulating the cards and “playing” with their partner!


Fun: The vocabulary building activities and the structure practice activities are very fun for the students.  There is an element of surprise as they pick a card.  The games of “what’s missing” and “hide a button” are big hits with my students!  They also love the bingo games!


It has been such a joy to create and use these lessons; we hope you will find them useful, too!


Click on the images below to take a closer look at each lesson, and be sure to follow our TpT store so you will be notified when we add to our collection!  If you do try any of these lessons, we would be very grateful to have your feedback on TpT!


















 To access some fun rhythmic chants to enhance these lessons, click here.