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New year, new lessons! :)



Happy new year, everyone!  My motto for 2020 is "New year, new lessons!"  We are working steadily to complete a total of 60 new lessons for early elementary -- 30 for French and 30 for Spanish.  There will be six themed bundles to complete this series!  My hope is that they will be completed by sometime in April!


Over winter break I was able to complete Bundle #3 for Spanish and French.  Click on the images below to check them out!




These lessons center around the house, and students learn to ask and answer questions about what pets they have, how many brothers and sisters they have, where they sleep (this is silly because they get to say things like, "I sleep in the kitchen!"), what's in their room, and what is growing in their garden.

Here are a couple of video clips of one of the lessons in action.


First, here is a class "singing" a rhythmic chant:



And here is a group "performing" the conversation using the vocabulary cards with visual prompts:



Each of our lessons includes a youtube video with a fun, rhythmic chant to go along with these lessons.  Click below to access the playlists we have created: 


Early Elementary Chants for French

Early Elementary Chants for Spanish


Look for Bundle #4 to be ready in the coming weeks!