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Getting Started

The REAL LANGUAGE right away curriculum is used in a variety of contexts. To learn how you might use it and what products you would need, read on!


RLRA in the Elementary School

The REAL LANGUAGE right away programs were created with the elementary learner in mind, and many schools across the United States have adopted RLRA as their main curriculum. Teachers using it this way purchase copies of the Student Activity Book for each of their students. Often, a set (one for every two students) of the Partner Conversations Book is obtained for the classroom. This allows the student to have access to the color conversation in a more personal setting. Of course, the instructor also uses the eBook, perhaps even making additions to the conversation if he/she has a Smartboard. The supplemental activities and simple evaluations found in the Teacher's Guide also add much to the program. The focused language in the RLRA program lends itself to a variety of other activities: songs, charades, skits, role-plays, and class discussions. If you think you might be interested in adopting the program, we suggest you begin by purchasing a Teacher Starter Kit, which contains all of the elements of the program.


RLRA in the Middle School

Middle school programs using RLRA may opt to use Level 1 as an introduction and then use Level 2 over two years. How a school uses it often depends on the previous knowledge of students as well as the number of classes per week. All the activities are student-centered, and the expectations are clear. Specific requirements are written out. It's perfect for the middle school student! It is possible to begin with Level 2; Level 2 builds on Level 1, but still uses beginning language. Each student would need a consumable Student Activity Book to be used over a two-year period. Teachers would need the eBook as well as the Teacher's Guide. If you are interested in adopting the program, we suggest that you begin by purchasing the Teacher Starter Kit, which contains all of the elements of the program.


RLRA for High School and College

The conversations in RLRA contain beginning language that is appropriate for all students, no matter how old they are! High school and college instructors use RLRA as a conversational supplement to provide students with extra practice as well as a starting point for more complex conversations. Giving the students everything they need to have a conversation in the target language and giving them time to practice is an excellent, low-stress way to improve students' speaking skills. Purchasing the High School Pack (downloadable eBook and Teacher's Guide) will provide the necessary materials to use the program as a supplement.


RLRA for Exploratory programs

Exploratory programs often occur over short time periods and include large numbers of students. Providing teachers with electronic access to our programs, our Annual PDF License is an excellent option for exploratory programs. Check out the tab on our home page for more details!


RLRA for After-school Programs

After-school programs often purchase a copy of the Student Activity Book for each of their students, and their teachers use the eBook and Teacher's Guide. For high numbers of students, our Annual PDF License is also a very good option. Check out the tab on our home page for more details!


RLRA for Homeschool

Homeschooling families enjoy using RLRA, and often the parent is learning(or brushing up on) the language at the same time. The Audio is essential for parents who are not completely comfortable with pronunciation. The student would need a Student Activity Book, and the Teacher's Guide is helpful to have so the student can complete the evaluations and use the supplemental activities. A copy of the color Partner Conversations Book is also nice to have but not essential.


RLRA as a Tutoring Tool

The RLRA program is a great tool for individual or small group tutoring. Teachers using our method have been known to organize small private classes and use our materials in that context. We suggest that you purchase the Teacher Starter Kit for yourself and a copy of the Student Activity Book for each of your students. The Audio is also a helpful tool for the student, allowing for practice at home.