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By providing students with the tools they need to communicate in a whimsical and fun approach, the REAL MANDARIN right away program creates a stress-free environment that allows students to do what they want to do with the language—speak! Level One includes 48 Partner Conversations, allowing students to encounter many useful expressions and practice Mandarin in a wide variety of situations.
Level I
Divided into thematic units and geared toward younger learners, Level One allows students to communicate authentically about a variety of topics. Themes include talking about oneself, feelings, school, clothing, food, daily activities, weekend activities, and describing people.
Real Mandarin: Sample Lesson
Real Mandarin: Audio Sample
Real Mandarin: Contents

The elements of the Level I program:

Partner Conversations Book
Real Mandarin: Conversation Book The foundation of the REAL MANDARIN right away program, these conversational activities allow students to communicate using a large variety of structures, vocabulary, and expressions from everyday language. All language is presented within a context and allows students to practice. Teachers model the dialogue, and students practice with their partners in a low-stress environment; everything they need to have a meaningful exchange is right in front of them! This beautiful color book, often shared by a pair of students, can be used over and over again. ORDER
Partner Conversations eBook
Real Mandarin: Partner Conversations eBookThe Partner Conversations eBook is an electronic copy (PDF) of the Partner Conversations book. It allows teachers to project the conversation onto a screen or Smartboard. The instructor teaches directly from the conversation, and students can follow along easily. Please note that this file is locked and cannot be printed or copied.
Student Activity Book
Real Mandarin: Student Activity BookThe Student Activity Book is a consumable workbook. It guides students through the progression of Partner Conversations, providing them with opportunities to use the language in both written and oral forms. In this balanced approach, students participate in a variety of activities, including vocabulary exercises, listening comprehension activities, writing, reading, and speaking practice. ORDER
Real Mandarin: Audio The Audio serves as a simple pronunciation guide. Recorded by native speakers, each track leads students through the language in the conversation, giving time to listen and repeat. This is an excellent resource for teachers who see their students less frequently, allowing for practice time at home. Please contact us if you would like to obtain a license for your students to access the audio.
Teacher’s Guide
Real Mandarin: Teacher’s Guide The Teacher’s Guide provides the teacher with useful information about how to use the program. This reproducible resource includes a variety of supplemental activities and student evaluations. The supplemental activities follow up on the language learned in the Partner Conversations and allow students to use the language in a spontaneous way. This resource includes both written and oral evaluations, which give the students a sense of accomplishment and provide the instructor with helpful rubrics to track student progress.
Teacher Starter Kit
Real Mandarin: Teacher Starter KitAn excellent value for teachers to get started with REAL MANDARIN right away Level 1, the Teacher Starter Kit includes:
  • Partner Conversations Book
  • Student Activity Book
  • Teacher’s Guide (Book and Digital Download)
  • Audio (Digital Download)
  • Partner Conversations eBook (Digital Download)
Real Mandarin Level 1 High School Pack
(Teacher's Guide + eBook)

Real Mandarin: High School Pack Popular with secondary teachers, this digital pack includes everything necessary for teachers to use the program as a supplement. The Partner Conversation eBook allows teachers to project the conversation onto a screen or Smartboard and lead the students through the dialogue. The printable Teacher's Guide includes evaluations and interactive activities that allow students to take ownership of the language.
Mandarin Target Language Posters
Decorate your classroom with this set of colorful and fun target language posters from the creators of the REAL LANGUAGE right away program. This set of fifteen 11"x17" posters feature useful expressions that will help your students stay in the target language at all times!
Expressions include:
别 担 心!
对不起, 我有一个问题 !
真酷 !
我可以去洗手间吗 ?
发 挥 创 造 力!