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minvilleI use Real French tout de suite with beginners of all ages with great success. By effectively breaking the ice from the very first lesson, the Real French program facilitates the quick building of confidence, which is essential in the development of strong speaking skills. The program is comprehensive, interactive, fun, and endlessly adaptable; it is the best resource of its kind.


Isabelle Minville
Owner and Instructor
Wheaton French Language Center;
Wheaton, Illinois

WoodwardReal Language materials pair extremely well with any textbook series as they cover the most common Level 1 topics and structures. I’ve found that by adding conversations to things we are already studying, more of my students are able to perform on assessments. And it is truly music to my ears to walk around my classroom and hear ALL of my students speaking FRENCH! And not only are they speaking they are having a full comprehensible conversation with excellent pronunciation!


Sarah Woodward
Middle School French Teacher
Fayetteville-Manlius Central Schools, Manlius, NY

I just wanted to take the time to let you know what a wonderful experience it has been to teach with Real Language Right Away. I teach a combined K-2 after school Spanish class, and your product has been very accessible to all of my students. We use the question and answer stems daily to practice our “conversations”, and my second graders can’t wait to work in their workbooks. Our upper level (taught by another teacher) also has had great success with your Level 2 book, and our student come out of our program being able to ask and answer questions in Spanish and carry on real conversations. We love it!


Juliana Dancer
Spanish Teacher
St Pius X School; Marion, Iowa

PritikinFor students who have language-based learning challenge or who simply need to learn a foreign language differently than how it is taught at the high school level--fast paced with a lot of vocabulary to be acquired. The Real French Tout de Suite program offers a lot of flexibility for a teacher. The constructs are simplistic, authentic, very useful and can be easily modified for an older student. This program is perfect for use in a differentiated Level I classroom or in an alternative French program designed for students requiring a different model than that offered by a traditional program, with a traditional text. I am grateful to the authors who have a keen understanding of what works and who have done a lot of my work for me! Bravo!


Lorin Pritikin
French Teacher
Francis W. Parker School, Chicago

ZieglerI have really enjoyed this program because I have seen tremendous progress in my students’ comprehension and speaking abilities. I really like the fact that the students are not just given isolated vocabulary, but rather the words are put into a context. It’s real French! It is also a very intuitive way to learn French. My students have commented that it’s not only fun to act out the dialogues, but they feel that their French has substantially improved as well. I would highly recommend the Real Language program.


Dale Ziegler
K-5 French Teacher
Sacred Heart Academy, Chicago, IL

olmsteadStudents love short dialogs and practical vocabulary... Real Language is a wonderful resource in the classroom to generate conversation and expand vocabulary. I use your method in 3rd and 4th grades and it works!!


Gigi Olmstead
Catherine Cook School, Chicago