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What is REAL LANGUAGE right away?

The REAL LANGUAGE right away program is a unique communicative approach for beginner language students. The foundation of this program is a progression of partner conversations which allow students to have a meaningful exchange in the target language right away. This method is accessible to a wide variety of learners, and students find it rewarding and fun to be able to use authentic language so quickly! The program can serve as the foundation of an elementary school world language program, but it is a helpful supplement for beginners of all ages.


Foundation of our Approach: The Partner Conversation.

We believe that class time should be practice time, and our goal in any given class is to give students as much time to speak as possible. The Partner Conversation allows students to do just that, providing everything they need to start talking right away. The visual cues and English translations help students understand the conversation with little explanation, and once their instructor models the pronunciation, they can begin to practice! The curriculum includes a wide variety of activities that build around the Partner Conversation, allowing students to take ownership of the language and begin to use the useful expressions, vocabulary, and language structures spontaneously.


Check out this video of a group of first grade French students using the curriculum: